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Old West Pictures – Texas in the late 1800s

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I ran across some old western pictures cleaning out a storeroom awhile back.

I thought I would share some here over a few posts.

old west home
Pickett House San Angelo 1880

This house had dried buffalo hide for window coverings. Love the cats.

West Texas Settlers 1890s

Talk about using your natural surroundings.

Happy to be in West Texas

Settlers arriving to an early San Angelo Texas in 1868. I can hear it now…

“If it doesn’t fit in the wagon it doesn’t go!”

pioneer parade 1880
Pioneer Parade 1880

Bustling San Angelo 1880 Pioneer Parade. You can see the City Bakery, Schwartz & Raas, Pinoeer Drug Co., and Arc Light Salon storefronts. For those familiar with San Angelo, this is the northside of Concho Ave. at the corner of Concho and Chadbourne.