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Cowboy Boot Toe Styles

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When you are looking for a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots the toe style is pretty important. What toe you pick depends on the statement you want to make or the work you need to do in your western boots.

As a kid I only remember a couple of styles of toes on boots. They haven’t changed much but we really didn’t have a snip toe western boot. The closest boot with a snip toe was the old Dingo boot with the broad square toe. I don’t remember dingo having any other kind of boot. A squared off toe with that buckle and strap. Dingos were more of a style all in of themselves. The wide square toe has made it’s way into the mainstream and can look great. I am glad that the decorative buckle and strap didn’t make it into cowboy boots though.

wide square toe

the modern snip toe is much smaller, clipped closer to the end of the boot. I like the ones that look like you took a “roach killer” pointy toe and just snipped off the point. This one is more of a medium snip toe but it is close.

Snip toe

Some folks like a really pointy toe for dress boots. I tend to agree. they look pretty good and when else are you going to wear a pointed toe boot? Certainly not to work in for 14 hours a day!

point toe

If the pointed toe is a little to squeezed for you then you can back off that style a little and go with the a narrow round toe. It looks great on any dress boot.

narrow round toe style

Far and away the choice for the everyday working boot is the medium round toe style also called the roper toe.
Comfort on the long days of wear as well as functional for getting in and out of stirrups.

medium round toe

These are the basic toe styles for western boots. You can find variations in between especially if you go custom, but you will recognize style fairly quickly regardless.