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Goodyear Welt in Western Boots

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A Goodyear welt is a specific method of construction used in footwear, including western boots. It’s known for its durability and resoling capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of a Goodyear welt in western boots:

  • Welt: A long, thin strip of leather that sits between the upper (the main body of the boot) and the outsole (the bottom of the boot)
  • Stitching: The welt is stitched to both the upper and the insole (the inner sole) which creates a strong connection
  • Resoling: Because the welt is separate from the sole, a Goodyear welted boot can be resoled multiple times, extending the life of the boot significantly. This is a major advantage compared to cemented soles which cannot be resoled.

Why Goodyear Welt for Western Boots?

  • Durability: Goodyear welt construction is a time-tested method that creates a very durable boot. This is important for western boots that may be worn for work or riding.
  • Resoleability: As mentioned earlier, a Goodyear welt allows for resoling the boot when the sole wears out. This is more economical and environmentally friendly than having to replace the entire boot.
  • Comfort: While Goodyear welted boots can have a break-in period, once broken in, they can be very comfortable due to the flexibility of the welt construction.

Not all Western Boots are Goodyear Welted

There are other construction methods used in western boots, such as cemented construction. Cemented boots are generally less expensive but cannot be resoled.

western boot diagram

Finding Goodyear Welted Western Boots

Many high-quality western boot brands offer Goodyear welted boots(no. 14 in the above diagram). Look for this information in the boot’s description or on the manufacturer’s website.