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Texan State of Mind and Cowboy Boots

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Texas, a land rich in culture and history, the land of the individual, the land of the cowboy!

One image consistently comes to mind when one thinks of Texas. The Texas Cowboy with his boots, hat, lasso, and trusted horse. He may be herding mustangs; enjoying some coffee around a camp fire; or kicking up his heels on a Saturday night.

working cowboys

Or maybe you think of fierce individualists willing to stand up for what they believe, even when the odds are against them, as in the Battle of the Alamo over 150 years ago. Texas Boots Alamo San Antonio

Either way Texas carries a unique history and outlook. Today it is sometimes said that Texas is a state of mind and maybe it is!

Straightforward, friendly, pragmatic, with a touch of flair are some of the more aspiring qualities that come up for me when thinking about that Texan state of mind. Aspiring and useful too when you think about it whether you are trying to wrangle a little cattle or drive the Dallas “high-five” mix master.

dallas texas high five

Sure you can come up with other descriptions of Texans like brash, loud, or  “quick on the draw”…..well we will take those too I guess. What you ask does any of this have to do with western wear? Everything really. When you think about it there is a boot for every Texan you can be…..whether it is a solid working boot or functional hunting boot to satisfy your straightforward and pragmatic side; maybe it is a boot with a fancy top  or exotic leather vamp to satisfy the louder, brasher you. Regardless you can find the combination that fits in today’s market

I remember growing up my Granddad had 2 pairs of custom boots at any one time. One pair  for work and another pair for dress. Both pairs would be made over at J.L. Mercer or M.L. Leddy(mostly JL Mercer though)  in San Angelo each year. You can still find both shops still in business. J.L has changed hands and most of Leddy’s business is in Ft. Worth, although I believe the boots are still made out Angelo way.