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Remember Dublin Dr Pepper

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Do you remember Dublin Dr. Pepper? Ever even heard of it much less tasted it?

Well too late because it is gone and has been for a few years now. Dublin, Texas Dr. Pepper Bottling story is a great one. You can find detailed versions around the web, but in summary, Dublin Dr. Pepper used the original recipe for Dr. Pepper invented in Waco. In fact this small bottler was the first franchisee I believe. While they could have chosen a huge territory, they just didn’t want to grow too big. Ultimately 120 years later they became the smallest bottler in the huge Dr. Pepper conglomerate’s empire. They were also the only bottler to stick with Pure Cane sugar and the original recipe.
This distinction and a “gentlemen’s” agreement that allowed them to sell outside their territory for many years even extending to the internet when it came along; caused Dublin Dr. Pepper to be known the world around. Ultimately “Corporate” wanted to get into pure cane sugar DP and forced ole Dublin Dr. Pepper to shut down. Almost killing the little town along with it and adding to the cliche of big business crushing the little guy.
In fact, the battle for Dublin DP caused a mini uproar, spawning facebook pages like as well as comment wars with the DP Corporate FB page going on for weeks.

Fast forward a few years later and you can still find some premium prices on amazon for a “Dublin”. Although I wouldn’t drink them if it was me! Dublin Dr. Pepper bottling has re-branded and moved on as a boutique bottler focused on bottling real sugar based drinks developed by others plus a few of their own recipes. You can find Dublin Bottling Works and order a case of some really good Texas root beer if you want. You won’t find any Dublin DP gear or drinks or anything else Corporate DP made sure of that. I am not sure if the Dublin Dr. Pepper Days held every summer attracting thousands to that little town continues( Corporate didn’t kill that), but Old Doc’s soda shop is still there and you can still take a tour of the old school bottling operation if you are ever out that way.

Recently a documentary on the whole Dublin Dr. Pepper story, the battle with Corporate DP, and the ultimate death and re-birth in Dublin Texas has been made. You can stream it on Amazon now and it certainly does the story justice. click on over and watch the trailer if nothing else.